Thursday, October 20, 2005


Anthony Longstreet Speaks

Sherron Collins Update (10/19/05)

Ryan Christie recently spoke to Chicago (IL) Crane High School Basketball Coach Anthony Longstreet about class of 2006 point guard prospect Sherron Collins. Collins, considered by to be the #31 prospect in the class of 2006, recently pledged his services to Kansas University. Kansas Head Coach Bill Self, who got into the Collins recruitment relatively late compared to Illinois and Iowa, secured a commitment from Collins following the dynamic guard’s weekend trip for Midnight Madness.

“This stuff has just been mind-boggling,” said Coach Longstreet, about the constant press coverage of Collins’ commitment. “From both sides, the Kansas side, the Illinois side, my phone is ringing off the hook.”

Despite having recruited him the longest, Illinois and Iowa lost out after Collins’ first trip to visit the Lawrence, Kansas campus.

“It really wasn’t Kansas versus Illinois,” Coach Longstreet mentioned. “I know Sherron liked Illinois. He was probably leaning to Illinois before he visited Kansas. But the visit for Midnight Madness just absolutely blew him away.”

Collins had previously visited Iowa and Illinois unofficially, but his only official visit was to Kansas.

“The players convinced him to go there,” noted Coach Longstreet. “They embraced him the minute he walked in the door. Mario Chalmers was the first guy that came up to Sherron and he gave him a big hug right away.”

Longstreet continued, “Sherron interacted with the Kansas fans after the scrimmage, and that was just an unbelievable experience. They were in the lobby afterward and they were taking pictures, videotaping him, he was signing autographs. He’s never seen anything like that and he was overwhelmed with how great the fans were.”

Longstreet then pointed to the recruits that Self has recently brought in as a factor in Collins’ decision.

“I mean, the kid had a bunch of McDonald’s All-Americans telling him they want him to go there and play with them. That has a pretty big effect on a 17-year old kid.”

Longstreet mentioned that, despite reports that Collins might officially visit Iowa and Illinois in October, it didn’t make sense following the Kansas visit.

“Stringing people along, that’s not the right thing to do,” said Coach Longstreet. “Up until he visited, he had no idea what Kansas was all about. And then he just fell in love with it. The fans, the tradition, the players on the team, all of those things were totally new to him.”

Longstreet was then asked how Collins felt about playing in Self’s high-low offense, as opposed to the motion offense that Bruce Weber’s Illini used.
“I don’t think Sherron even looked at the system,” Longstreet noted. “Kansas could have been playing a triangle offense, throw the ball around the perimeter 100 times, it doesn’t matter. He looked at the chemistry he had with the players, those guys made him feel loved and they wanted him a part of that team.”

The Crane coach suggested that Illinois did everything it could to secure Collins’ commitment.

“They did a fine job recruiting Sherron, they really did,” said Longstreet. “Dee Brown, Luther Head, Deron Williams, Sherron talked to all those guys and is tight with them. They did all they could do. But when he visited Kansas, it was just a totally different feeling. It’s like falling in love with a woman. You can’t help the feelings that you have for her, you can’t explain it, that’s what is was like for Sherron and Kansas.”

When it was mentioned that there are rumors and articles being written that suggest he played an overly influential role in his point guard’s recruitment, Longstreet turned defiant.

“I love the University of Illinois. I’ve lived here all my life. I’m going to have to live in Illinois after Sherron goes to college. That stuff is just crazy, who’s saying that,” Longstreet asked. “Before he went to Kansas, all Sherron knew was Illinois and Iowa. Those were the only schools he had seen. And it was like a totally different experience when he went to Kansas.”

Longstreet specifically refuted a recent blog by Illini beat writer Mark Tupper that stated a “silent verbal” commitment may have been given by Collins to the Illinois coaching staff earlier this year.

“I never heard Sherron tell the Illinois coaches that he was going there,” Longstreet said. “Who’s Mark Tupper? I can tell you that I never heard Sherron say that stuff. He may have said that he liked Illinois, and he did, but he never said ‘I’m going to Illinois.’ That never came out of his mouth.”

Tupper, who co-authored a book with Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber this summer highlighting the Illini’s run to the 2005 national title game, stirred up a great deal of controversy with his recent blog.

“Is this the first time a kid has changed his mind when he was wowed by something? This is a 17-year old we’re talking about. What exactly does Mark Tupper know about relationships? I’m telling you, it’s like falling in love. Is Mark Tupper an expert on analyzing love and human relationships? If so, tell him I’d like to see his credentials,” Longstreet stated.

Longstreet then answered questions relating to allegations of impropriety in Collins’ recruitment that would enrich the Crane head coach. These rumors gained steam followed by publication of Tupper’s blog.

“It’s part of the territory, I guess, hearing stuff like this,” said Longstreet. “I know that I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t help it if somebody falls in love with a school outside of Illinois. That’s not my problem. If somebody tries to tarnish my reputation like this, it could blow up in their face. I’ve never been accused of trying to get kids to transfer in from other schools, I’ve never been accused of tampering with kids and trying to get them in my program. I don’t have a bad name in Chicago, people around the Public League know that. I tell you what, you go tell Mark Tupper that if he thinks I’m getting paid, get the proof, produce the cancelled check.”

Longstreet stated that he took a difficult call from Weber after Collins made his decision.

“Coach Weber called the other night, either Sunday or Monday to check in,” Longstreet stated. “He was pretty upset with the news. That’s certainly understandable. He didn’t hang up or anything, but he let me know he was upset. It was probably a reaction like the one he had when Jonathan Scheyer chose Duke. It’s not like Illinois is losing these guys to Minnesota or Purdue. These are great programs the kids are choosing. Bruce and I talked about things and he told me he’d see me later.”

Longstreet also played phone tag on Tuesday with Illini assistant Tracy Webster. Despite a seemingly cordial end to the Collins recruitment, it appears that Longstreet will not be making a scheduled appearance in Champaign-Urbana for an upcoming coaches’ clinic.

“No, I probably won’t go down there for that,” said Longstreet. “The season’s coming up and I need to have some work done on my knee. I need to do that and have some time off to recover before the season, so probably won’t go to that event.”

Did Tupper try to contact Longstreet before writing his blog entry/article? That might give him a little more credibility.

having said that, this whole thing smells bad.
Angry Jolietan:

Thanks for the post! You are officially poster #1 to this new concept.

As for Tupper, I highly doubt he tried to contact Longstreet, seeing how Longstreet had no idea who Tupper was when I mentioned the article. My guess is the only time those two might have contact is if they run into each other at Lawrence, KS Dairy Queen.
Is Longstreet on the up and up? What's your gut feeling?
is it a little odd that SC hasn't called BAM to tell him himself? Isn't that the courteous (not to mention normal) thing to do?
Ryan, not sure if they will run into each other at Lawrence DQ. Self, the former subject of Tupper's love and affection, has moved on to bigger and better things than lowly Tupper Decatur.

But, if Tupper were to come to Chicago and visit the Viagra Triangle every once in a while, he might run into Self and Longstreet yucking it up at a restaurant near Rush and Bellevue talking about "Collins," "boosters" and "delivering."
My question is that if Longstreet really wanted SC to make an informed, rational decision - wouldn't he have wanted him to take an official to IL and Iowa so the students could have known he was coming and give him a real reception?

An apples to apples comparison would have made me buy longstreets story more.
Based on Tupper's and Longstreet's accounts of how things went down (shockingly, they suggest the same thing in many regards), it appears that Longstreet was afraid to send Collins down to Illinois for the scheduled official visit.

Why? Hmmm. Let me guess. Maybe because the kid would have wanted to be at a place where his friends and mentors have played and which is close to his house so that his mother could come and see him play.

Why did Longstreet discourage Collins from committing to Illinois this past summer on the basis that he had not seen Kansas and Iowa yet, but then encouraged Collins to committ to Kansas the day after the Kansas visit even though Collins had a visit lined up for the following week at Illinois?

Longstreet at Crane has done a lot of questionable stuff. This tops all of them, however.
Whatever Longstreet might have gotten from Kansas, he'd better make sure he spreads it around because there were a number of people involved in this mess.

Someone who is not taken care of may be a little more motivated to sing like a canary.
Nice job on this, guys! Nice to see that you're off and running. I'll be sure to check in often - hopefully you can set up some sort of email that is sent out whenever there's a new blog entry...

All I'm saying is that Coach Longstreet tried REALLY hard to defend himself against accusations that weren't even made...

...if that doesn't stink, I don't know what does...

...oh well, you all know my thoughts on this subject.
Hey...good to see some of you posting. Here are my thoughts on some of your no certain order:

Is it strange that Collins hasn't called Illinois' coaches? In my world, it is rude. But, these days, kids aren't held accountable for their actions it's not surprising. Also, I don't think Longstreet wants Sherron talking to Illinois anymore.

IMO, Longstreet is on the that straightforward enough. I believe that he has profited from Collins going to Kansas.

In regards to Longstreet asking for someone to come up with a copy of the check.....they paid in cash.
This situation reeks of a back-of-the-hand agreement. Makes my stomach turn and as much as I don't like to hold a grudge, I hope this comes back to bite both Self and Longstreet.

Anyway, gentlemen, good luck with the site and I will check back often.
I doubt the money came from Self or KU. I doubt it even came directly from a KU booster. I'm thinking shoe company dough...
Efrem, hypothetically speaking, if it's shoe money dough, and therefore a few layers removed from the KU you think other schools do the same thing, and do you think Illinois can/should do something similar (if that's how the game is played)?

Again, this is all hypothetical.
IHN, judging how the NCAA just hammered Illinois for a major infraction in football for a violation that they self reported...concerning a player that never played...while OSU blatantly cheats with major players and major both sports...and gets away with it with little punishment...I'd say Illinois and Weber better avoid anything questionable when it comes to recruiting.

Listen,it is a fact that Longstreet is on the take. He is a stupid pimp, nothing more nothing less. Self and Longstreet will get theirs in due time, the rumors are too strong and the stakes to high. The wheels are in motion as we speak. Just like Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling at Enron, Self will get his for the fraud he is currently engaged in.
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