Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What Have I Got Myself Into??

That's the question that several people have asked me over the last couple of days. Why are you doing a blog with IllinoisHoopsNut? Are you crazy? He hates Weber! He loves Self! He's trying to sabotage Illinois' recruiting! He's way too negative about our recruits! Hell, you disagree with him more than you agree with him!

Well....some answers. I maybe crazy. But, I think Hoopsnut delivers what a lot of basketball fans/recruiting nuts want...information. He doesn't hate Weber.....he just doesn't think he can recruit. He very well may love Self....he loves the way he recruits.....and who doesn't love the rug on Bill's head? He isn't trying to sabotage Illinois' recruiting....he just gives you more of his opinion than you want to hear.....sometimes more than I want to hear. He can be too negative about our recruits......I have a steak dinner wager with him concerning the career performance of Jamar Smith....one that I think I will win. And, yes, I probably do disagree with him more than I agree....but that's OK. That is what generates interest, discussion.

While many of you may not agree....Nut is as big a fan of Illinois as you or I. You don't put in the time following this stuff like he does if you don't care. He packages his information a little differently than you do....and you don't like it. But, he does create interest....he does create discussion......and he does provide information. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.....but he has no reason to make it up.

What I think you will find if you visit this site is a couple of fans sitting at a bar talking about sports....mostly Illinois hoops. Expressing opinions.....and arguing. Isn't that what sports fans do? Pull up a chair... express your opinion.....we will hear you out. I'll be the one keeping Nut in check.....he will be the one pissing you off.


Ryan's move to this blog should surely result in better recruiting now for Weber and staff, right? ; ) Can Ryan share any of the off-the-record stuff from previous interviews or is he still bound by a Rivals non disclosure?
1959, at this point, there is no relationship with Rivals. So I can pretty much tell you what I know, as long as it doesn't pre-date my firing from Rivals. A firing, by the way, that happened before Rivals personnel even saw the contents of my interview with Anthony Longstreet. But that's another story.

Interviews that I conduct for this site will not include "off the record" comments, simply because if they're off the record, they're off the record. That said, you can bet that I will be free to discuss in more depth some of the insights that the O&B site didn't necessarily want coming to light. You want to know about my conversation with Jay Price? You'll get it. You want to know about the Chicago high school scene? You'll get it. You want an opinion on different players? You'll get it. Some people have said opinions are like noses...just about everybody's got one. This will be a fun place to share opinions across a bunch of issues.

Butts is the man, and he's right more than he's wrong. I've always valued his viewpoints and, even when we've disagreed, I've appreciated the thought and insight he brings to his opinions. Should be a lot of fun on this site.
Hooray for blogs! Outlets for oppressed and self-important douchebags everywhere!
Hawkeye.....and I thought we were friends! Nobody here thinks they are important...just something fun to do....talk about college hoops.
Butts - I for one am glad you're doing this and agree with everything you wrote above.


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