Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Derrick Rose Update

The Hoops Guys' Ryan Christie recently caught up with Mean Streets Ferrari AAU Coach Luther Topps about class of 2007 stud Derrick Rose. Rose, a 6'2" point guard considered one of the top 10 juniors in the nation, is getting ready for his second varsity season at Simeon High School. Coach Topps spoke to Hoops Guys about Rose's recent unofficial visit to Illinois and other tidbits in the young star’s recruitment."They were actually supposed to go to Virginia that weekend," said Topps, about the visit to Illini Midnight Madness. "But Derrick’s brother couldn’t make the trip to Virginia work on that particular weekend, so we all went down to Illinois instead."

Topps, his son Antonio (a junior at Leo High School in Chicago), 6’6” Simeon forward Kevin Johnson and Derrick’s brother Reggie Rose accompanied the star Simeon guard on his trip to Champaign-Urbana.

“We went to the scrimmage at Assembly Hall and stayed overnight at a hotel, then got up the next morning and left,” noted Topps. “It was a good time. The team looked pretty good. They have a new guard that looks like Dee Brown. We didn’t get a chance to talk to any of the guys on the team or anything.”
When asked if Rose and Indianapolis North Central guard Eric Gordon got a chance to know each other, Topps replied, “They talked a little bit. I wouldn’t say they talked a lot, but they got to speak to each other a little.”

According to Topps, Rose is considering Illinois, DePaul, North Carolina, Virginia, Kansas and Marquette at this point.

“He doesn’t know where he wants to go yet,” said Topps. “He’s still looking at all those schools. I like Coach Wainwright at DePaul a lot, he’s a good guy, also Gary DeCesare. He’s already been out to visit DePaul and Marquette, and I know he wants to visit the other schools. Right now, he doesn’t have any other visits planned before the season starts.”

While Rose is the primary target of many recruiters that watch the Ferrari Mean Streets team, Topps’ son Antonio is getting significant Division One interest as well.

“He’s getting looks from Nebraska, Ball State, Akron, Northern Illinois, Western Illinois and Stanford,” the elder Topps stated of his sharp-shooting son. “He’ll make a decision sometime after he takes his ACT.”

Based on this report. It looks like Illinois, Depaul, and UNC. Why doesn't Illinois have any traction with Rose. We have been recruiting him for 2 years now. Does Weber lack personality? Does Matta, Pearl, and Wainwright have that much more charisma then Weber?
Please, please God, let us finally catch a break in recruiting and get both Rose and Gordon. But let's at least get one.

IHN, what do you think about Ping? His game and if he'll end up at UI? Is he a big time recruit or just a solid recruit?
I think Ping is a guy that the coaching staff likes and thinks has very high upside. He's got an outstanding basketball body and his best basketball is likely ahead of him. He's also a good kid and a hard worker who will likely sign with Illinois if they offer him.

That said, do you take a guy like Ping for 2 years over somebody like Hummel for 4 years? I think you could say all the same things about Hummel that I stated as Ping's strengths...why not take the 4 year guy?

I didn't take away too much positive from that article where Illinois is concerned. Did I miss anything?
Ping is much, much more athletic and is much, much bigger than Hummel right now.
Ping is also at least two years oldre than Hummel, who is a junior in high school and still growing.

Again, if the difference is huge, then take Ping. If the difference is not huge, I would take the four year player in Hummel.

This is why the coaching staff gets paid the big bucks. I just hope they don't take Ping primarily b/c he's the easier of the two recruits to get.
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