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Favorite Stats from Quincy Exhibition Game

Initial thoughts on unofficial stats from Gametracker (which are notoriously inaccurate, but all I have to go on at this point on a Wednesday night):

1) Love Augie's efficiency. 14 points on 5-7 from the field and 4-4 from the line. I expect he'll be getting to the line a lot this year, and would love to see him continue a high level of free throw proficiency. My favorite stat of Augie's may be his 1 foul in 25 minutes of action.

2) Jamar Smith 3-3 from the foul line. Has Rich McBride shot 3 free throws in his entire Illini career? Doesn't seem like it. Another solid game for Jamar, 21 minutes and 10 points on 3-6 from the field, 1-4 from 3-point land. So basically Jamar didn't miss inside the three point arc or from the free throw line. He's already showing a more diverse offensive game than Rich McBride has ever shown. I've always been a McBride fan but I agree with Butts, at this point Jamar's starting by the Big Ten season.

3) Shaun Pruitt 10 boards in 23 minutes of action. Combine this with Shaun's team-leading 7 boards against Illinois Wesleyan and we're looking at a serious glass eater.

4) Chester Frazier 5-1 assist-to-turnover ratio. I'm not sold on Frazier as the long-term answer at point guard, but I love seeing 5 assists against 1 turnover in 17 minutes of action.

5) C.J. Jackson may be playing himself out of a redshirt. 8 points and 5 boards in 13 minutes. He's had better stats than Marcus Arnold now for 2 straight games. Would you redshirt if you were 18 and outplaying a guy that's supposedly ahead of you in the rotation?

From a statistical standpoint, it looks like everybody played fairly well with the exception of Calvin Brock and Marcus Arnold. Based on the 2 exhibition games, it appears that the 2 CPL products may be moving down in the rotation.

Of course, none of these stats accounts for how each guy guarded...

Here's where stats lie.
On Jamar, actually all of his shots were threes. The two pointers he made were with his foot on the line. His three free throws came from getting fouled on a 3 point shot.
Rich actually showed a nice mid range game on back to back drives into the lane.
I love Jamar as a player, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

As coach Weber said CJ needs to bring it in practice to be successful.
OT- Why hasn't Walker signed with DePaul yet?
Even if all his shots were threes, Jamar is showing an offensive aggressiveness and confidence that Rich hasn't had since the memphis game 2 years ago.

IMO - Rich's biggest problem has been confidence and thinking too much before shooting. I know he didn't get a ton of PT the last 2 years, but still he seemed to catch it and even when open, be a passer first, shooter second. If you're a shooter (and Rich is) and you're open - Efing shoot it!

Jamar doesn't seem to have that problem - and still is not a ball/shot hog either. I like that

Do you think that Jamar would have that same confidence going against Luther and Deron everyday in practice? Just curious.

I've seen more penetration from Rich this year than in the previous two year combined. I like what I saw fromhim in the second half last night.
I think Jamar birngs that extra bounce and athleticism that Rich doesn't have, and when he gains strength he'll be able to showcase a more diverse offensive game.
I don't know if he would have the same confidence if he had faced Luther and Deron in practice every day, that's a good point.

But I guess I also don't see that as an excuse for not going up and shooting confidently in games when you're open.

The guy was a top 30 HS player and one of the better shooters in the midwest. He's shot enough basketballs in enough games in his life to know when he's open and stroke it.

I'm glad to hear Rich is taking it to the basket - those are some of the things you just can't tell watching GameTracker on the west coast.

But I would be equally happy if he could recognize situations when he should be a shooter like Jamar does and let it fly.
Let's not go overboard with the confidence issue RE: Rich. Chances are, on his first year in HS basketball, there were some good players he went up against.

Pruitt had to go against Augie. Luther against Frank. Everyone has that. Not everyone has the moxie to be a great player.
Actually uiucjosh, there weren't very many good players in the Lanphier program when Rich was a freshman. The program was in sad shape after enjoying much success in the early to mid-90's (Chukwudebe and Jeff Walker teams). Rich started from the time he was a freshman. The kid had made a name for himself in junior high by leading his team to the state title.

He has been physically bigger and stronger than every other kid from the beginning of his high school career. I think that has a lot to do with his lack of success. He never had to work hard to be good in high school. Now, he has to, and it seems like he really is working hard (losing weight, improving defense, etc.).
Rich was the best player at Lanphier as a freshman, Sophomore and senior.

Luther wasn't near as good when he played with Frank was he? Also, he started next to Frank for much of the season and played with him.

Augie or Deron? Hmmm. Deron or Dee would kick you in the teeth to beat you, then tell you about it and Augie is kind of easy going. BIG difference.
Frazier did have a better showing but if he wants to see more then scraps from Dee resting he needs to remember he's a PG. Continuing to drive the lane only to jump up with no one around to pass to will earn him bench time. On the plus sides he had a couple of nice assists to CJ. You can tell they worked together this summer.
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