Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The Good....The Bad....and Purdue

Illinois went to UNC and came out with a a game that they didn't play particularly well....that is really a good thing. Alot of hoops last are:

The Good

You have to start with Brian Randle......he is a one of those guys that can make plays where you just say...Wow! It looked like he was sitting up on that rim when he swatted that shot. If he can continue to improve his shot, and he has, essentially, 3 full seasons left, he is an NBA player. If he eliminates the fouls, and plays like he has the last 2 games, watch out. If he plays30-35 minutes last night.....that game isn't close.

Another quiet, rock solid 13pt and 13 reb game for Augie. He got every rebound that mattered in the 2nd half. We need to find a way to get him more shots....and I would like to see him attack the basket better...dunk it or get fouled....but a nice night for him.

Rich McBride seems to be the glue. Makes some big shots.....including some pull up jumpers. Finds the open man and plays very solid defense. If he and Randle continue this type of play, Illinois will be very good by the end of the year.

Jamar Smith can flat out shoot the ball. In that environment, he knocked down some big 3's and continues to show that confidence. Also, his on the ball defense isn't that bad. Just needs to rotate better and give a little better help. According to Coach Price, he suffered from cramps last night...otherwise I think we would have seen more of him in the 2nd half. Before he is done at Illinois, he is going to be a big-time scorer.

It wasn't a stellar night....but when they needed it Dee got it done at the line.

UNC has a very good group of freshmen. Ginyard is much better than is Danny Green. I think Hansbrough and McRoberts (Duke) are going to have some wars before they head to the NBA. Frasor was solid....but not special....he is out of place at PG. He can't defend a quick PG...Dee went by him several times....and he is too slow to get his own shot off. But, he is a smart player and can play a role.....but Lawson and Ellington will pass him by quickly. I'll take Jamar over him any day of the week.

Justin Gray can really shoot the ball....when you let him.....I will further comment on that later.

Michigan played well last night......they have some talent....can Amaker coach it up?

The Bad

Dick Vitale sucks.

Dee needs to let the game come to way he should be taking 19 shots in a game like that...especially when other guys are shooting the ball well. He needs to distribute and create....knock down open shots. He forced too much last night.

I'm in the minority here....but the 3 guard lineup of Dee, Rich, and Chester needs to go away. Chester needs to give Dee some rest....but when they go with 3 guards, and Dee is on the court, the third guard has got to be Jamar. Last night, in the last 8 minutes, Dee is running the point and Chester is playing wing....and UNC didn't have to worry about him. When Jamar left the game...we were up 14....UNC went on an immediate 12-0 run...and we had no answers on the offensive end. Chester plays good defense....and he is a capable backup PG right now...but more of his minutes need to go to Smith. We need to get Rich and Jamar more open looks.

Jamar, I have to post the bad with the good. Too good of a shooter to miss the number of FT's that you have this year....concentrate.

Warren Carter looks lost out on the court...I just don't understand it.

Wisconsin coaching staff....what were you doing? Justin Gray has one major problem.....he is a PG that is a below average ball handler. Why didn't you ever pressure the kid with the ball...he is a turnover waiting to happen. Instead, you let him walk the ball down the court and become a jumpshooter.....which he does very well. Baffling to me.

Penn St. is, well, Penn St.


What can you say.....that was one of the most miserable performances that I have ever seen. IHN, you said Purdue losing to Xavier was a bad loss for the Big 10.....I disagree. Purdue is a bad loss for ANY team that plays them. They stink. Landri is the only kid off of the that team that I would take...maybe spates. The rest are horrible. Did any of you play ball at IMPE with the football players?? The OL and DL.........that is what Nate Minnoy looks like out there. He needs to lose 50 pounds in order to be any good.

I'll take the bet on Frasor transferring. Lawson and Ellington will come in and play right away, and Ginyard will get big minutes. But I don't see Ellington staying in college for more than 2 years and my guess is Roy Williams finds a way to get Frasor 20 minutes a night for the next couple of years, with him starting again his senior year after Ellington and maybe Ginyard go pro. Lawson will be the point guard and it will be Miles/Hinrich Part II. Quentin Thomas is the guy that's going to transfer. I didn't think last year that Frasor would be able to handle the point, and he's definitely not a great point guard defensively. But he can play point offensively and, if Williams is smart, he will have Ginyard guarding some of the quicker point guards and Frasor guarding 2s. Frasor should have never guarded Dee last night, he should have been on McBride with Ginyard on Dee. Still, I guess you can't argue with 6-19 shooting for Dee Brown if you're Roy Williams.

Purdue, Penn State, and Northwestern really, really hurt the Big Ten overall. The bottom of the Big Ten is worse than the bottom of most top conferences.
Dee caused himself to shoot 6-19...not as much the defense. His shot selection was terrible at times.

With Frasor, you have to remember, Roy will continue to recruit over frasor. After this year, Frasor will never start. Even if Ellington or Lawson leave early, there will be 2-3 5 star kids to replace them.....UNC is the easiest school in the country to recruit at IMO.

The bottom of the Big 10 is just horrible.....not even good mid-major. And, with Grier out, Minnesota is right in the mix with the 3 you mentioned. Really pissed at Wisconsin...that was a lousy effort last night. I'm glad you like their talent....other than Tucker...I was underwhelmed. Very unathletic. Krabbenhoft looked pretty slow to me. You have their talent level rated too high for next year.
Butts, I agree that Wisconsin disappointed. Didn't defend or compete like you'd assume a Bo Ryan team would.

Next year's Wisconsin team will have almost everybody back (losing only Ray Nixon): Seniors Alando Tucker, Jason Chappell and Kammron Taylor, Juniors Brian Butch and Greg Stiemsma, and Sophomores Joe Krabbenhoft and Marcus Landry leading the way. Keep in mind Krabbenhoft's coming off an injury. They also will add freshmen Jason Bohannon and Trevon Hughes. Bohannon can play, believe me, he was very impressive at Nike Camp. That's a team that should probably win the Big Ten right there, depending on how well Ohio State does with its newcomers.

I agree that most of Dee's shots were bad shots, I'm just saying if I'm Roy Williams going into last night's game, I'd have been happy if I'd known Dee was going to shoot 6-19.

We'll see about Frasor. He's already been recruited over. I don't think UNC's going very hard after Derrick Rose, with Tywon Lawson being the primary reason. But I think Williams knows he's set at point guard for the next 3-4 years with Lawson and Frasor. Lawson's not tall enough or athletic enough to go pro early.
Reading IHN's comments this week you'd have never known the best SG in the 2007 class has committed to Illinois before playing a game his junior year.

If you can't whine about the staff's recruiting, I'm surprised you found the energy to post anything.
I'm with you on Wisconsin, butts. I posted on IB that I thought they looked horrible......maybe that was too harsh, but I was also VERY underwhelmed with their talent. They've definitely got the market cornered on big, slow, unathletic white guys. Chappell......terrible.....Steimsma... yikes....Butch hanging around the perimeter is exactly what you want. Williams isn't going to follow him out there, but I guarantee you that Augie and Paul Davis wouldn't let him have it that easy on the perimeter.
Our passing was very bad last night. Sometimes turnovers happen when you're being aggressive, or when the defense makes a great play. But we threw the ball away carelessly so many times last night it was driving me nuts.

Having said that - we stayed after it and pulled out a win, on the road, in the dean dome. Not bad....
Agree on not having Frazier and Brown in the game at the same time at least until Frazier knows what he's doing out there on offense.

Although we never chatted, I have always respected your opinion. Granted there are times when you are doom/gloom I enjoyed the fact that I would hear the "other"side of the story. Without the orange tint. Your always good for an un-biased opinion. Having stated that... what do you think are chances are with Rose? Did they dramatically go up after landing Gordon?
Anonymous, hard to say on Rose. His family and coaches want him to stay close to home. I think getting Gordon validates Illinois a bit and only helps with Rose. I don't think it's a dramatic shift upward, as the two really didn't even know each other before Midnight Madness (and didn't speak much at Midnight Madness). Every time I've talked to Rose's people (before Gordon signed), they didn't really know much about Gordon or how hard Illinois was recruiting him. Not sure if that means anything. I think IL is in a better position than before Gordon signed, but not sure how much better. Sorry I don't have anything more specific than that.
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