Monday, November 14, 2005


It's Time To Lace Them Up.....

I didn't think that I would ever get to this point......because I have always loved it.....but I am sick of recruiting. Sour grapes? Probably some. We haven't had the recruiting success that I thought we would. But, it is more than that. The more I read....the more I follow it...the more sleezy it gets for me. Maybe it is a positive statement about Weber's character that he sometimes struggles on the recruiting front.......because to be really good at have to like/be good at swimming in a cess pool. It's no longer all about the player and his's about the AAU coach, the high school coach, the shoe company reps, and the various street agents. This week....I'm sick of let's move to the court.

Last year was a dream season....almost perfect.....but somewhat expected. While not expecting perfection... anything less than a Final 4 would have been deemed a disappointment. This year...alot of questions. But, in some ways, a more interesting year. A year that we get to see a lot of new players....a year that we really get to see Weber coach and make adjustments. My prediction is simple....we will struggle early. The record will be fine...but a loss or two to some teams that we should beat will have fans bitching and moaning....somewhat normal state for UI fans. But, come March, I expect to see a team greatly improved.....a team that nobody will want to play. Pruitt and Jamar will be big this season.

I think the Big 10 will be pretty strong this year....with Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan St., Ohio St., and Wisconsin all making their way to the NCAA..... with the first 4 listed having the talent to make it to the 2nd weekend. Watch out for Iowa....this maybe the year they surprise and win the Big 10. They have some very experienced seniors looking to make a run. Michigan....nope. If the pressure isn't already on Amaker, it will be by the end of the year. I also expect the Big 10 to win the ACC/Big 10's about time.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Belmont? Sam Houston State? Is Quin Snyder the worst coach in college basketball...he might be. Unfortunately, bad news for UI basketball, Snyder won't make it past this season.

My preseason picks for the Final 4.....which will change several times throughout the year...Duke, UConn, Texas, and Gonzaga.....I actually think they will be very good this year.

Duke to win it all.


My Final Four predictions: Duke, Texas, Michigan State and Arizona.

Good stuff, butts, I agree with you 100% on the recruiting stuff getting old. My question is I wonder if we would feel that way if Weber was recruiting more effectively?
Like I said...I'm sure part of it is sour grapes on my part. But, there is no question with the internet and the huge amount of interest in recruiting these days....alot more of the bad stories are coming to light...and you get tired of it. Whether it's Self and Longstreet, some of the stuff Calhoun has been doing down at UConn, or the AAU team (read shoe company sponsor) that kicked the kid off because he went to another shoe camp this's pretty sad.

I am happy the season is here.
I write that I'm tired of recruiting.....too dirty for me. And, just to back me up, who is in the news today? Wild Bill and a booster....with the NCAA looking into the recruitment of Darnell Jackson. If you guys can't see that Self is guys can't see. Self and Calhoun battling it out for dirtiest coach of the year.

And certain people wonder why Weber can't recruit like Self does.....

Simple answer...the salary cap at IL is a lot lower.
Butts, do you really think OSU or Kansas will get put on probation. Kansas self reported that their Boosters would pay basketball players after they graduate when Roy Williams was coach and nothing came of this. Illinois self reports Football violations we get probation. Unless the Kansas has a whistle blowers that goes to the press first. ex Michigan and Chris Weber. I don't think nothing will happen with Kansas. I can only hope that Illinois can land at least one Bluechip recruits like Rose and Gordon. I just don't think Weber can bring them in, based on history. I hope we don't turn in to Ron Turner's Illinois Football. Charisma is key. Even Michigan is now landing top 2007 recruits. 2 final fours for Illinois in 25 years. The wait has begun. I just wished Illinois won it all last year. At Least White Sox won. lunchtime today they had completed their "investigation"....and slapped them on the wrist....the kid will be back before the Big 12 season....must have been a special today at Subway that they wanted to get to. What a fraud.
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