Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Season Starting: Interesting Stats

Iowa with an easy win over Md-Eastern Shore, led by seniors Greg Brunner (16 points, 7 rebounds) and Jeff Horner (16 points, 7 assists). Former St. Joe's guard Tony Freeman with an impressive debut hitting for 7 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds in 22 minutes of action. Iowa appears to have a very strong 8-man rotation, but depth could be an issue if any of those top 8 misses time with an injury.

Northwestern with an impressive 61-47 neutral court win over Charlotte. Wildcat veterans Vedran Vukusic (28 points on 9-13 from the field, 5-7 from three point land) and Mohamed Hachad (14 points on 4-5 from the field, 5-6 from the line to go with 9 rebounds) led the way. Northwestern did not get much of a contribution from its transfer centers Michael Thompson (2 points, 5 rebounds, 4 fouls in 13 minutes) and Bernard Cote (5 points in 8 minutes). Bill Carmody's Princeton-style offense just doesn't seem too friendly for big men who like to play with their back to the basket.

In perhaps the most newsworthy event of the night, Missouri lost its home opener to Sam Houston St. Quin Snyder can't lose too many more of these types of games and expect to keep his job. Kalen Grimes ended up with 0 points on 0-1 shooting in 2 minutes of play.

In the Washington Huskies' opener (an 87-54 win over Wisconsin-Green Bay), former Carbondale point guard Justin Dentmon started and played 20 minutes, scoring 4 points and adding 3 assists, 2 rebounds and 2 steals.

Maryland Mid-eastern Shore shot a whopping 25 % vs. Iowa, pathetic...for any team, no matter what. Quin is in trouble.
I would also like to add that Chicago HS PG Jeremy Pargo scored 8 pts, had 5 assts, 2 rebounds and a steal in hiw 20 minute debut for Gonzaga.

He's playing great for them and they expect him to see significant minutes and be a serious contributor as a true freshman
FWIW, Brandon Ewing had 14 points and 10 rebounds in last night's Wyoming game.

It will be very interesting to watch how Chester Frazier performs compared to some of these other local point guards that Weber passed over to take the kid from Baltimore.
A couple of things....remember, you would have crucified Weber if he offered Ewing...you didn't like him at all. Many others that had seen Pargo didn't like him....I would have offered Pargo...although I think there were some concerns about his grades.

Finally, it's apples versus oranges. Ewing is playing at Wyoming....and he will get big minutes. Chester is backing up Dee Brown.....and he isn't get the minutes....nor would anybody backing up Dee this year.

Pargo's not apples to oranges.

He's playing on the #7 team in the country with probably the toughest non-conf schedule in the nation.

He'll do very well playing for Mark Few
Butts, you are right on with Ewing, I didn't like him at the time. That said, if I knew my alternative was Chester Frazier, a no-name from Baltimore who was being recruited by Fordham and College of Charleston, I would have voted for Ewing.

Pargo's issue was people didn't know for certain if he was a point guard, but most agreed that he had great size and physical attributes. It will be interesting to see how he contributes this year.

My thing is if you're going to take relatively unknown and lowly rated prospects like Chester Frazier and Charles Jackson, you should take them from your home area where you want to build goodwill over time. I think Weber really hurt himself in the Chicago area with some of his recruiting decisions last year.
Efrem...Pargo doesn't have Dee Brown in front of him. If he was at UI, his time would be limited also. Playing behind Ravio is not the same as playing behind Dee....and Pargo can probably swing over the the SG position. My real point with that comment was that Chester isn't going to get the PT that those other 2 are going to get...hard to compare stats.

Out of curiosity....who from the chicago area would you have taken over Jacjson....Deandre Thomas?? There weren't any other alternatives.

As far as the PG position, the whole Dentmon thing screwed them up....don't know what happened...but no question that for a long time they thought he was coming here...and so they didn't recruit any of the Chicago kids. With the exception of Pargo, not sure anybody else was better than Chester. Where's Angel Santiago these days?
Angel Santiago's a heck of a player butts. As you surely know, he's at a JUCO right now.

Who from Chicago instead of Charles Jackson? Certainly not DeAndre Thomas. I think there was a 6'9" kid from the CPL who ended up at Ole Miss. I'd take him. Jackson is not as poor of a decision as Frazier, IMO, for the same reason you mentioned butts. However, there were a bunch of Illinois point guards that Weber could have recruited and he took a flyer on an East Coast kid who wasn't being offered by other high major programs.

Plus, Butts, who's to say Jeremy Pargo couldn't play big minutes for this Illini team. There has been plenty of talk about a 3-guard lineup, even by Weber who has gone on record as saying that Randle may not start. Weber's clearly not afraid to play two point guards at the same time. If Frazier's so good, I'd expect him to get some minutes next to Dee, in addition to backing up. Based on Pargo's and Freeman's play so far, it may not be a stretch to say those guys could have played more minutes for Illinois this season than Frazier.

Butts, would you agree that if it's close between two recruits that you like, you'd prefer to take the in-state kid? That to take the out of state kid, he'd have to be a much better player?
In general, I agree with that philosophy. Again, personally, I would have taken Pargo. Not Freeman....he is a 5'10 SG....and not as good a shooter as Jamar.

Butts - gotcha.

I thought you were saying it was apples to oranges because of the level of competition that Wyoming, etal will face.

Having said that - the Gonzaga folks expect Pargo to play a lot this year along side Raivio, except wiht Jeremy at the 1 since Raivio is such a strong outside shooter
If it's a possibility that Smith could be a starter this season then Pargo could have as well. I was never a Ewing fan but I sure was on Pargo and Dentmon. We'll do ok with Smith though.
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