Tuesday, November 22, 2005


There's Always Chaminade.....

A professional writer...or an experienced blogger....would never kick a coach when he's down. Not when ESPN keeps insisting that that particular coach is one of the best in the business. So, in the case of Bill Self, it would be juvenile for me to poke fun and critique his coaching.......

For instance, I would never ask, when is the last time Kansas had lost 3 of 4 games? or when is the last time Kansas started 1 - 2?

I wouldn't remind everybody that Kansas has lost 8 of their last 13.

I wouldn't question how, in the last 12 seconds of a 1 point game, Bill Self didn't get the ball to either of his two best offensive players....Rush or Kaun. No, I wouldn't question his X and O prowess....Hawkins and Robinson throwing up long shots should make sense to me.....especially when they were a combined 1-8 for the game.

I wouldn't want to cause problems and question whether Micah Downs was happy with his 6 minutes. Or whether Julian Wright liked the end of the bench during crunch time. Nope....I'm sure when they were recruited they were told that minutes would be tough to come by.

I wouldn't ask when Julian Wright was going to get put in a position that he could create with the ball....that would be silly....because I'm sure Self told Julian that he would be a PF during his recruitment.

I wouldn't speculate when Kansas was going to start pushing the ball on offense.....heck, shouldn't recruits be happy with 49pts. and 64pts?

What will happen when Rodrick Stewart gets back? Does Micah Downs get less than 6 minutes? What about when Jackson returns....does Wright play less? Certainly, Coach Self has the answers.

Nope, all those questions would be cruel.....for a seasoned writer. But, since I'm not, I have to ask.......What Time is Chaminade???

Bravo butts. Couldn't have said it better myself.

But, wasn't it fun watching Kansas try to "out athlete" Arkansas while they were putting up those 64 points?
butts, it's nice to have someone to counteract the constant knob slobbing of Self that comes from IHN.
Absolutely great article!
I wonder what Collins is thinking while watching Deron being mentioned as a ROY candidate and Luther scoring 28 for the Rockets tonight while Aaron Miles carries Baron Davis's luggage around.
Downs will transfer.
Too many chiefs, not enough Indians at Kansas. Can I say that without offending Steve Kauffman?

Bail really needs some good assistants. Norm Roberts & Billy Gillispie could help him out for Xs & Os, now his top assistant is Tim Jankovich. Danny Manning and Chalmers' pappy ain't gonna help.
Like I said earlier, Butts, now is the time to jump on Self. I don't know why KU took Rodrick Stewart, I hope he can play point guard for them. Looking at the stats, at least they passed the ball better against Arkansas (19 assists on 28 made baskets, 10 assists from Jeff Hawkins). Chalmers played better (11 points, 2 assists in 16 minutes) and Rush clearly can score the ball (20 points on 8-10 from the field). I think Self does have a major challenge on his hands with regard to minutes, but of the 7 players that played 16 or more minutes for KU yesterday, 6 of them are freshmen and sophomores. My guess is that Self's going to have a very rough time this season, but by the end of the year, the team will be much better and will have the opportunity to be very good next season. Remember that last year's North Carolina team suffered through an 8-20 season just two years before storming through the NCAA and winning the championship.
They stormed through the NCAA tourney (if you count the NOVA game as storming) because Matt Doherty wasn't anywhere near their bench.
It's great to see Kansas suffer, but they are playing top teams at least. Rush is a player as well as Pargo, I wish we had them. Rush really wants to leave for the NBA next year, I wonder if he even goes to classes next semester. If Kansas loses in the first round of the NCAA tournament, then Self will have some tough questions to answer from the AD. I can only hope Illinois play well during the Big Ten season, this will really help Weber especially with 2007 recruits. Lets sit back and enjoy Dee's last year.
Well IHN, as more and more posters on Phog are realizing, the window of opportunity for the guys on this KU team is pretty small. Rush will be gone after this year. Kaun has two more years (maybe). Even Phoggies can see a transfer or two coming in the near future. You and all of the other KU fans can say the future looks bright all they want, but really take a good look at that roster. The clock is ticking....
Nut--here is the difference: When UNC went 8-20....they played their freshman big minutes from Day 1. Not only is Kansas going to struggle this year....he's going to have a hard time keeping all of those hids around. Rush is NBA bound...because he is going to get the minutes. But what if they lose Downs too? When you make too many promises...you can't keep them all. I see rush to the NBA and 2 transfers after the season. He can'coach....and Billy G. and Norm aren't there to help him.

Butts, I agree that Rush is likely gone. But nobody else will be. Self can convince Downs that he'll get Rush's minutes next year and then you have an experienced unit back along with one of the nation's top point guard recruits. Collins, Chalmers, Downs/Wright, Wright/Giles and Kaun should be the top 6 next season. Russell Robinson is best suited to be a combo guard off the bench.

How Rodrick Stewart fits in is anybody's guess, I'm not sure how good he is.

Could Self lose Downs via transfer? Sure. But I think he's got plenty of other guys to fill in and it's not like he's getting a major contribution from Downs this year anyway.
There will be some transfers...I would bet on it. Downs is very skilled....he would be the one that I wouldn't want to lose if I were Self.

I know why KU took Rodrick Stewart - becuase Townsend had already paid for him at USC.
Funny that when Ryan talks about the Illini you can expect transfers because it is a fact of college basketball. When it's KU they won't transfer, even though there have been two MCDAA's leave the program in two years.
Brad, when did I say nobody would transfer from KU? I'd like to see Russell Robinson go, at least based on what I've seen so far this season from him.
so, IHN, you are a KU fan? "you'd like to see Robinson go?"
"But nobody else will be"

Right there?

That is a strange comment. That you'd like to see him go? Why?
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