Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Top 10 Things You Won't Hear Bill Self Say This Year

10) No thank you. I'm going to pass on dessert and just stick with the salad today.

9) We need to get Anthony Longstreet and Larry Butler to come in and talk to the kids about fundamentals.

8) Mrs. Rose, in the last 3 years we have recruited Robinson, Chalmers and Collins. While we would love to have Derrick, Kansas just isn't his best option right now.

7) Damn it, Julian! We brought you here to use your athleticism and run our offense. We don't want you underneath the basket getting banged around!

6) Boy, I wish we had more wings on this team. We don't have anyone that wants to shoot the ball.

5) Golly...I didn't know Nebraska could be so cold in January. I wish I had something to cover my head!

4) What times the ceremony?? I never miss seeing my kids graduate.

3) Curtis, we run a clean program here at Kansas......we can't do that!

2) Boy, has Bruce Weber done a great job at Illinois.

1) Geez, I hope we get a good draw in the tournament. I don't know...somebody like BUCKNELL.

I thought IHN loved Bill? What is going on?
I don't care what IHN loves.....
Butts and I are two different people.

I do not love Bill Self. I dislike him greatly for leaving Illinois. I would much rather have him as the Illini's head basketball coach than Bruce Weber. But that's b/c I think 70% of a high major coaching job is recruiting. Self is an outstanding recruiter, Weber is below average.
Let me know when Self gets to the Final 4.....until the NCAA changes the game to having 3 balls on the court at the same time, Kansas will have problems. He has no idea how to put a team together.

Butts, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I'd bet on Self taking a team to the Final Four before Weber does next...want to make that a double or nothing with our Jamar bet?

Self is going to have so much talent that it will be next to impossible for him to screw it up.

And I think you underestimate how quickly some of these players will move on. Brandon Rush and Mario Chalmers may go pro after one year, opening up time for Downs, Wright and Sherron Collins.

I think Self would argue that guys like Jeremy Case, Sasha Kaun, Christian Moody and Darnell Jackson were recruited as "role players". Yes, he's got a lot of stars, but I don't think that means KU is devoid of role players.
He didn't recruit Case or Moody. And, I guarantee you Jackson and Kaun view themselves as more than role players....and I'm sure Self sold them on how many touches they would get in his hi/lo. We will see what happens....but I see transfers coming fast and furious.

I'll double my bet that Chalmers isn't good enough to be drafted in the first round next year. I'll think about the other offer.
Self has all the pressure on him now. If he doesn't get to the FF in the next two years, what are his excuses then?

He better come through, or the fans will be all over him like he has never felt before.
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