Tuesday, November 15, 2005


An update on an Illini blog

One thing I wanted to acknowledge is a mistake I made in a recent comment on this blog. In a post that discussed the Champaign News-Gazette's Brett Dawson and his blog, I suggested that Dawson may be writing certain things to make himself look better to the Illinois coaching staff, so that the staff wouldn't cut off access to their program.

I got a call from Brett last week, and Brett told me flat-out that my assertion was not true. He stated that he has always had very good access to Bruce Weber's program and at no point has the coaching staff even hinted that they would cut access. While I have experience stating that isn't always the case (meeting with Jay Price in his office at Ubben), Brett and I discussed that the coaching staff may have different positions on this issue with different types of media ("legitimate" press vs. Internet).

Brett's a good guy and a fantastic reporter. He's somebody that will tell you how he feels but who always delivers it with a smile. He's one of the good guys in the profession and somebody who, given his age and ability, has as bright a future as anybody in his chosen field.

Brett, I'd like to apologize to you publicly through this blog and wish you a great season on the Illini beat.

That's cool. However, it still doesn't address that Brett has backed off of Self on the comment about Collins never playing at UI. As you were standidng right there and heard the conversation, seems funny that Dawson would deny that it occurred. IMO, he backed off for Self....Illinois never had anything to do with it.


Brett specifically said he hasn't talked to Self since Nike Camp. He also thinks that I heard something different than he did or that I remember it differently than he does. Big picture, I should probably not have been eavesdropping on a conversation like that although Self's so cocky he acts like he doesn't care if anybody around him is listening, he assumes they all like him anyway.

Yeah, my memory goes bad sometimes...especially when I want it to. Somehow, I think you heard correctly.
Somehow, I just don't believe Brett.
Brett still has some pretty deep allegiances, I'm thinking.

Self knows he's lost one of his comrades in arms in Tupper...he doesn't want to lose another. He's still got Dawson tucked carefuly into the Phlock.
That was a lengthy apology Ryan. One that Brett didn't totally deserve IMO but kudo's for making it.
Funny how this apology coincides with Dawson backing off a story that makes Self look bad.
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