Saturday, December 10, 2005


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

9 games into the season,

• Bill Self’s recruits account for 70.7% of the 2005-2006 Illini’s scoring
• Bill Self’s recruits account for 60.8% of the 2005-2006 Illini’s rebounding
• Bill Self’s recruits account for 73.4% of the 2005-2006 Illini’s assists
• Bill Self’s recruits account for 65.5% of the 2005-2006 minutes played

Worm floats temptingly in the water....bobber rests peacefully on the surface...IHN sits in boat, beer in hand, waiting for some sucker to bite.
you're a shitbag
Wow, Ryan. I had basically supported you and loved the content you always provided, but this is just pathetic. There is no way you can justify the reasoning behind posting this. Maybe I was foolish, but I actually expected you were above this.
Bill Self not being here and Bruce being here accounts for about
15% of our wins.
100% of UI 2005 final four and runner up status.
100% UI basketball not being investigated.
Your hate for Weber has stained your credibility. I feel bad for you.
You're a pathetic little man. That's the only response this post deserves.
The only reason you posted this is because you want to get a reaction out of us. And of course what would bring a reaction other than than Bill Self's name. Yes, you are pathetic.

Guess what IHN, Matt Doherty's recruits wont the NC last year.
How many of Bill Self's recruits account for KU's losses?

But let's not hold him accountable for the bad stuff. Just the good.
Why don't you just come out of the closet and admit you want to blow BS? He'd probably let you.

One thing is for certain, written words last forever. I hope you realize everything you write will follow you. You really have zero chance of ever landing a real sports journalism job. Maybe you should think of that next time you are playing with yourself in front of the keyboard while looking at a picture of Bill Self... Maybe Bill will hire you to be his little beeeotch, thats what you are now but at least you would be getting paid. If you wanted a reaction, you got one moron. I am being sincere when I say I have no doubt in my mind you are gay and that fantasize about blowing BS - or maybe his recruits - maybe thats it - you like basketball players, were never good enough to get in the lockerroom with them as a player so you are trying to become a sports journalist to be around naked men. Look man, not that there is anything wrong with being gay, but write something ANYTHING with substance otherwise you are going to lose the little traffic you have to your little blog.

(This blog is now officially pathetic... Without Ryan it may have some value).
Good grief Ryan - Why even go there???

You really need attention don't you!!!
Are'nt you the jackass that kept saying weber can't recruit and never will. You must be eating a big helping of crow right about now.
Because Weber landed his first Top 25 recruit doesn't necessarily mean he's a good recruiter, lets not get ahead of ourselves... Remember recruiting is all relative to the success of your team... we have been very successful the past few year... we are argueably one of the most popular teams out there... there is no reason we shouldn't be landing McAA type players. A team that finds itself in the top 25 year in year out, should be landing a top 25 class at a minimum year in and year out. Remember Chicago is a very fertile recruiting ground right in our backyard
Ryan . . . nevermind

The reaction speaks for itself.

Note I said nothing about Bruce Weber in the post. Just listed what I thought were some interesting stats.
And Bruce Weber accounts for 100% of the Illini's WINS!'s posts like these that will cause people to avoid this blog....which is too bad.
Butts, I just thought I'd do a little research on the stats. I don't know why people get so hot and bothered about it, I really don't. Is there anything untruthful about the information? Why do people think it's so inflammatory?
Because it is clear what you are trying to say about Weber's recruiting ability. But, those are the numbers I would expect considering you 5 jrs./srs. returning. Does Doherty get credit for last year's NC since he recruited all of the kids except for Marvin Williams. Whether you intend it or not, you come across as having an agenda....and people are avaiding this blog....I know that for a fact.
Ryan - I suppose that your stats include those of McBride, Randle and Carter. IMO, I consider them to be as much Bruce's recruits as Self's, because even though they had signed to play for Self, I am sure the NCAA would have probably let them out of their LOI's to play for another school (see Iggy, and I believe a couple of kids followed Townsend around as other examples off the top of my head). Bruce had to basically re-recruit the kids to make sure they were committed to Illinois.

I guess since you're no longer associated with O&B, and no longer have its credibility to back you up and enable you to call PSA's, coaches, etc... for stories, you're going to resort to "shock and awe" types of posts to generate hits.

Instead of chosing to focus on a 9-0 Illinois team, you dredge up Self.....
And I suppose it has nothing to do with the fact that Self's recruits are juniors and seniors while Weber's are freshman and sophomores, right? Or should be expect Weber's recruits to already be better than the great Bill Self's recruits with two years less time to develop?
Lets enjoy the season. Weber is the coach. We are all Illini fans, the coach runs the ship, but we all support the team no matter who the coach is. Recruits are nice, but wins are the bottomline. Lets enjoy Dee and Augie last season. It's about the love for Illinois, not Kansas or anyone else.
You forgot to add that "Bill Self Sucks"....I mean if were posting the truth that is.
Anyone one who is not with or for the Illini is the enemy that especially includes: Bill Self, Coach K, Roy, Snyder, Matta, Calhoun,
Davis, Wainwright, Izzo, but especially Bill Self. Doee that say it correctly?
Wow, what a one-sided, closed-minded stat. Instead of a blog about one of the many, many great things that have happened so far this year you post this.

If you can't see why this makes people upset then you're crazy. What's the point of this? Wow...just, wow...

If this was a ploy to get people to come here it'll work, but it also erases whatever credibility you had. Congrats.
Well, up to this time I've been a frequent visitor to this site. But no more. Ryan you contribute 100% to the stink arising from here.

Sorry Butts. You picked the wrong asshole to team-up with.
Are you a heavy drinker?
what do you have against BAM? he is a GREAT coach and developer of talent, two traits which the great BS simply does not possess. if you think that last year's team would have gone 37-2 with BS as coach you are nuts.

BS is a used car salesman and i mean that in the worst way. sure he has been able to recruit talented players, but wake me up when he learns to coach or develop it. now that BAM is starting to develop the ability to recuit top talent, why you would long for BS to coach the illini is beyond me.

i agree with the others on three things: (1) you really are sad and pathetic, (2) butts made a poor choice teaming up with you, and (3) i will never again visit this site as long as you are associated with it.
Thanks for the information. A question for you IHN, who would you rather have coaching the team Self or Weber?
You're a shitbag
No tolerance for another opinion from Illini fans !
IHN is not an illini fan
Illinijoe, I've stated repeatedly and continue to believe that I'd rather have Self over Weber running my program for the long run.

If I had to pick a guy to coach one game, I'd pick Weber.

If I had to pick a guy to build a team from a great group of players, I'd pick Weber.

But I believe recruiting is 70% of the battle at the high major level and I believe Self is the far superior recruiter based on results to date.
Ryan --

While I did not always agree with you on IB, I supported you vocally and publicly there whenever I thought you were unfairly targeted by the Merrymen for merely stating your opinions.

However, what I have seen from you since that time (when you "left" IB) makes me wonder whether you have a very specific agenda against Weber. You don't appear to be a third-party observer that you claim to be.

If you have an anti-Weber agenda, while that may not win you many friends at this time, that is your prerogative. Just say so and people will take you for who you are and treat your opinions for what they are.

In addition and most importantly, be prepared to accept the reactions that your agenda-driven "opinions" are likely to generate.

If you are not willing to do both, then, please don't claim to be an objective observer of this program.

Real Cubs In October
LOL - Nice job killing your own blog with one dumbass post.

Seems like the only credible part of this little endeavor (butts) has wisely decided to cut ties as well.

Good luck with that agenda in the future.
I had enjoyed the blog up until now. Won't be back. Sorry Butts.
This is a great blog.
Ryan, you must have been tired of all the hits. Nice going dipshit. You clear a room like a stinky fart.
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