Friday, December 09, 2005


Questions for the board?

1) Are the Illini in fact very good and worthy of a Top 10 ranking, or have they played a relatively easy schedule which has made them look better than they really are?

2) Will Jamar Smith keep this up? Will defenses start keying on him and be able to limit his open looks?

3) How many 2006 NCAA Tournament teams do you believe Illinois has played so far? Which ones are they?

1. A little of both. While I think there are more than 9 teams that are better than us(some much better at this point), you know how the early season stuff works. Don't lose and you move up. 15-20 is probably more accurate. The more weeks in the top 10, the better in terms of image and recruiting.

2. He'll keep it up to a certain extent, and I think Illini nation will continue to feel comfortable and confident with the ball in his hands. He's more consistent than some of our vets (probably everyone in the junior class), and has "blow up" potential. Will be interesting to see, as your question states, what will happen when he sees a lock down defender like what MSU and others will be able to throw at him. He's very active without the ball, and feeds the post well, so he can be "effective" without scoring a ton. Good to see him gaining confidence, but like all frosh, he will likely go through stretches inconsistency.

3. I think Gtown and Xavier will both be in the dance. It will be interesting to see how many B10 teams make it. 6 this year? Iowa, IU, UI, MSU, Wisc....
1. I think we are close to top 10 right now. Our offense needs to improve though to beat the best teams. But how good we are is hard to say now - I think we can only evaluate the best teams against the best competition.

2. Jamar does not seem to force shots. Did GTown focus on stopping him? He didn't get a ton of looks. I think he will probably need to get a lot of his shots in the flow of the offense, not sure if he can be a one-man show. Will be interesting to see how his game develops over the years - Weber has talked about how great his athleticism is and how much more he might be able to use that in his game.

3. UNC & Xavier for sure. I think Wichita and the Hoyas have a good shot.
FWIW, I think we've played 1 NCAA Tournament team so far, North Carolina. Xavier could make it, as could Wichita State. Unless Georgetown improves a lot, I can't see them having a .500 record in the Big East.
I don't think there are any really dominant teams in college hoops this year - maybe Duke based on Sat.

But if you asked me to pick 4 teams I definitely thought would be in the final four this year - I'd have a tough time doing it, maybe outside of Villanova.

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