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So, How Good Has Jamar Played........?

Jamar Smith has played nothing like a freshman. But, 3 months ago, many of the "gurus" would have told you that Jamar wasn't good enough to be included in their list of the Top 100 players in the class of 2005. Now, I'm not smart enough to be a "guru", but I do understand numbers.....and this is what I see when I review the statistics for the 2005 RSCI----Guards only.

Player Team G MPG. PPG. APG. FG% 3's 3's %
M. Chalmers Kansas 6 19.2 7.2 3.2 .342 5 .278
G. Paulus Duke 7 28.3 6.1 4.1 .419 7 .538
D. Green UNC 5 16.4 8.4 1.4 .406 4 .286
B Eaton OK St. 8 24.8 9.1 3.4 .472 5 .294
E. Devendorf Syr. 8 20.5 9.0 1.9 .386 12 .480
L. Clinch GT 5 21.2 7.4 1.4 .333 3 .188
J. Gordon MSU 7 33.4 13.4 2.4 .435 8 .421
M. Ginyard UNC 5 25. 4 9.6 1.6 .452 6 .353
M. Williams Zona 5 16.6 5 .2 1.6 .355 0 .000
B. Frasor UNC 5 26.4 7.6 3.8 .452 6 .353
JP Prince Zona 5 13.4 1.6 2.4 .267 0 .000
D. James Marq. 7 32.0 15.4 6.7 .407 12 .273
M. Mercer Georgia 5 25.4 13.0 2.4 .450 8 .381
C. Doug.-Rob. Memphis 6 23.3 10.5 1.5 .50 2 .25
T. Williams Louisville 3 22.0 8.0 1.0 .346 7 .462
A. McGee Louisville 3 21.0 5.0 1 .7 .353 1 .167
D. Downey Cincy 5 26.0 11.8 2.2 .452 3 .273
Alonzo Gee Bama 5 15.2 5.8 1.0 .444 1 .167
J. Adams UNLV 5 22.0 7.4 2.4 .250 6 .250
A. Andersen Memphis 7 29.1 9.0 3.4 .477 13 .520
A Abrams Texas 8 17.6 4.6 2.0 .344 7 .368
J. Pargo Zags 6 28.2 5.8 4.0 .333 2 .167
K. Rivers Clemson 6 24.5 8.7 2.3 .435 10 .37
T. Martin Tex. Tech 8 22.5 8.5 1.6 .444 9 .429
D. Clemente Miami 8 28.0 9.0 2.8 .368 13 .325
D. Collison UCLA 7 19.6 4.4 2.1 .423 4 .364

J. Smith Illinois 8 18.4 10.1 1.8 .551 21 .553

Here's what I see.......

Jamar is 6th in PPG..........but 1st in PPG per 40 minutes of play.....equal out the playing time and Jamar is scoring better than every guard that was in the RSCI 100.

With 1.8 assists, he is right in the mix with everyone else....even moreso if you equal out the minutes. Some of the PG's (James, Paulus, and Pargo) are above 4.0 assists per game.

Jamar is 2nd in FG %(behind Jerel McNeal).

Jamar is 1st in 3 pointers made with 21 (2nd best is 13) and 3rd in attempts. But, most impressively, even with the high number of attempts, Jamar is far and away 1stin 3 pt FG % (Matthews has a better % but only 7 attempts).

I didn't include rebounds with guards...ran out of room....but Jamont Gordon at 6.1 RPG and KC Rivers at 5.8 were the best.......Jamar came in at 1.4 RPG.

I also didn't include steals as most of them were bunched together....Byron Eaton led with 2.6 per game. Jamar is at .5 steals per game.

I'm no guru, and I know it is early, but a case could be made for Jamar being as impressive as any freshman guard in the country. Not bad for a kid not ranked in the RSCI 100.

As a side note, Jamar is tied for 6th in the country (all players) in 3 pointers made and in the top 10 in 3 point %.

Pretty damn good!

So far no doubt. However this only proves that players like Jamar and Luther fall through the cracks. The numbers put up by most of the others on that list are still pretty good for freshman. So if Jamar comes out and misses his next 10 shots then what? If you want to really make a point compare the players #101 through #199 and compare against the top 100 as a whole. While I have always stated that rankings are not an end-all people that want to point to a Jamar as ranking being meaningless conveniently overlook that for every one Jamar (non 100) there are 10 (100) that were deserving of their ranking.
I'm not commenting on anything other than how well Jamar is playing right now....and that is as good as any freshman guard in the country.....nothing more.
Through 7 games. Fair enough.
Based RSCI Top 100(Shooting Guards)

2.Monta Ellis - NBA
3.Martell Webster - NBA
12.CJ Miles - NBA
22.Eric Devendorf - 9ppg
25.Lewis Clinch - 7.4ppg
26.Jamont Gordon - 13.4ppg 6.1rpg 2.4apg
29.Marcus Ginyard - 9.6ppg
31.Bobby Frasor - 7.6ppg 3.8apg
38.Michael Mercer - 13ppg 3.6rppg 2.4apg
41.Chris Douglas-Roberts-10.5ppg 3.7rpg
44.Terrance Williams 7.8ppg 5.5rpg
52.Alonzo Gee 5.8ppg
53.Martynas Pocius-2.1ppg
57.Jerel McNeal-9.4ppg 3.4rpg 2.1apg
63.Derwin Kitchen-Ineligable
64.Reginald Delk-8.6ppg 2.6rpg
66.Terrel Harris-1.5ppg
72.Tyree Evans-Jail
75.Danny Williams-Prep School
89.K.C. Rivers-8.7ppg 5.8rpg 2.3apg
90.Terry Martin-8.5ppg 3.4rpg
96.Austin Johnson-1ppg

NR-Jamar Smith-10.1ppg 1.4rpg 1.8apg

Eric Bossi-Jamar Smith has slowly been gettin better this spring and you can see where he fits in their system because he can come off of picks and shoot jumpers all day long. I don't think he is quite a top 100 guy yet.

Rob Harrington(Prepstars)-Jamar Smith is a good prospect. The WG looked a lot more comfortable to me as the summer wore on. Good shooters, again, always have a place in the lineup.

Dave Telep-Jamar did play at Boo. Saw him twice. Struggled a little with his perimeter shot. Would like to see him be more diverse on offense but only saw him twice.
When will IlliniHoopsnut be chiming in?? Isn't he a recruiting guru or superstar recruiting reporter or something or other??

I demand he be heard!!

BTW, Illini59 guy you sure are depressing, glad I only have to read your opinions not sh-t them out like you do.
More big talk from someone that's to cowardly to use their normal nickname. Nobody is forcing you to read my posts asswipe.
THEservice is my normal nickname ASSWIPE, I post on Scout all the time look it up. Why don't you give me your phone number and we can discuss this beeeotch! Better yet, why don't we meet so you can wipe my ass in person beeotch.
TheService - illini1959 is as crotchety as they come, but seriously, acting the role of internet tough guy is so unbecoming ... very sad, indeed.
Damn, butts, can't you figure out how to format something with a table? :-)

Good to see Ryan still can't compliment Jamar without taking a shot at him.

All hail rankings!
LOL - something is inherently funny about an anonymous guy on an internet message board/blog complaining about another poster not using his "real" fake name.
OK - I want to get excited about Jamar as much as anybody, but it has only been 7 games.

I loved his play last night - but I couldn't help recalling Rich McBride's play against Memphis his freshman year.

As I said - I love Jamar and am glad he looks so good. But I'm gonna wait a little longer before hailing him the savior or best shooter in Illinois history.

To be clear - I hope to change my mind about this in a couple more weeks.
Certainly looks like Jamar will play a key role for this team. We need his scoring, plus his outside shooting should open things up for the big guys.
72- Tyree Evans- Jail

Anonymous...I have changed it 5 times and keeps going back to the original...gave up.
Efrem...for someone so high on Pargo and dentmon...why so reserved on Jamar? Also, not overly impressed with some of Pargo's numbers....can't shoot...4 TO's a game....I thought he was playing well?
Butts -

I'm sure some if it's because I get to see every UW and Gonzaga game and I've only gotten to see Illinois once so far.

I'm excited about Jamar - just pointing out that we felt the same way about Rich after his big game Vs. Memphis his freshman year, and it hasn't continued.
To me, the big difference between Jamar and Rich his freshman year is that Jamar is showing more off the dribble than Rich ever did. With Rich, if his three point shot was off (at least his first couple of years), he was pretty much worthless. With Jamar, I get the sense that if his three point shot is off (which we haven't seen yet), he's got more diversity to his game that he can go to and find ways to score. I also think Jamar has shown more emotion on the floor than Rich ever has, and that helps fuel Jamar and his teammates. I really, really like that about him.
Yeah - I like the enthusiasm and emotion from Jamar a lot too. I alos love that he has such a good "feel for the game."

I'm just trying to give him half a season to be a freshmen before I totally freak out.
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