Monday, May 08, 2006


Somehow Accomplished the Double!

Well, looks like I've been banned from posting on a second Illinois-related fan website as of today. This morning on the O&B News message board (, I tried to link some articles from the Minnesota AAU tournament where the Illinois Warrirors played over the weekend. Found out that "this user has been blacklisted from this site's forums", which was pretty interesting. Not sure what got Rivals upset enough to throw the ban on me, perhaps it was the "Guenther must have learned nothing from the Ron Turner contract" post.

The Illiniboard ban was expected as that site is comprised of complete homers who live in a dream world where Illinois and its coaching staff can do no wrong. The O&B News has always been a better site for more open dialogue, with opposing viewpoints debated intelligently. Well, looks like the Kool-Aid crowd has gotten its way, and the O&B News site has pretty much become a PR mouthpiece for the Illinois basketball staff. People definitely are willing to pay $10/month to hear what they want to hear.

Regardless, this blog will be an opportunity to post interviews, player reviews and a detailed analysis of recruiting this offseason. There will be banter back and forth from the Kool-Aid crowd and the realists. The AAU circuit has gotten off to a great start, and several Illinois players have seen their stock climb. Let's start some discussion...

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